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Full Day Photo Tour

Pisgah National Forest is very dear to our hearts. It’s where 95% of our images are taken. The Protect Pisgah mission is to protect and clean sections of Pisgah National Forest that accumulate a lot of trash. The forest service is overwhelmed with the number of people visiting our national forests every year and Pisgah is no exception. It’s WNC Photo Tour’s way of giving back to the community and the park service.


Protect Pisgah meets once a month at a predetermined location in Pisgah National Forest to pick up trash in areas that see a lot of human activity. The clean-up is then followed by a free, three-hour photo tour with lessons for the participants, if interested. This monthly event is open to the public. Anyone can join! The second prong of the initiative is educating people about the Leave No Trace principles – holding ourselves accountable when we are enjoying the forest. 

Forest Clean-up


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We’d love to have you! You don’t have to be a photographer to participate, nor do you need to stick around for the subsequent photography tour and lessons after the clean-up. Anyone is welcome to join us. 

Forest Clean-up Volunteer


We meet monthly. The dates will be posted here, on this page, within three weeks of the event. Registration is open to anyone, but you must sign-up to our newsletter to receive the monthly link for registration. Registration is limited to 6 people for each event. You can sign up to our newsletter below!

  • We meet up at 8:30am and carpool to the site in Pisgah. You can drive separately if you’re concerned about COVID, but we encourage carpooling.
  • We will spend three hours cleaning up trash in the beautiful forest and having fun.
  • Lunch at noon. You bring your own lunch.
  • After lunch, the free three-hour photo tour begins for those who are interested.
  • We supply all of the items you’ll need for the clean-up. 
  • Additional details will be supplied to those who register for volunteering. 


In order to register for the Protect Pisgah meetups, you must subscribe to our newsletter. Each month we’ll send out a link in the newsletter to register, at least one week prior to the meetup date.

April’s Meetup Date:  Sunday, April 18th

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Special thanks to our sponsor, The Hub and Pisgah Tavern, for helping us get the supplies we need to make these events possible.

The Hub and Pisgah Tavern

The Hub and Pisgah Tavern is a legendary bike shop where you can rent a bike, grab a beer, and get the gear. This place is worth a stop for sure! It’s conveniently located at the entrance to Pisgah National Forest in Brevard. 

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