Elk & Waterfall Photo Tours

We’re really excited to once again be offering our seasonal Elk Watching & Watefall Photo Tour!

Asheville Elk and Waterfall Tour

Need a guide near Asheville to help you find the elk in Great Smoky Mountains National Park? We’re offering just that! We currently have a 100% success rate in finding the elk!

For our private Half-Day Elk Watching & Waterfall Photo Tour, we put a lot of effort into thinking about what would be the most enjoyable half-day winter tour we could possibly put together. What we came up with is a trip that takes you about an hour west of Asheville out to Great Smoky Mountain National Park to see the elk herds in Cataloochee Valley, visit a waterfall, and hopefully see some giant ice walls up on the Blue Ridge Parkway! This tour is our longest half-day tour at 6 hours, making sure we have enough time to get to several different locations, take lots of photos, and learn a lot about photography in the process. Our Elk & Waterfall tours are very adventurous and sure to please!

  • We know when and where to find the elk
  • We can get you (safely) close to the animals!
  • We’ll make sure you have the right settings to capture the elk!
Cataloochee Elk Tour

What we’ll cover on this tour:


  • Long exposure settings for getting smooth, silky waterfall effects
  • Additional waterfall photography techniques
  • What filters to use and why
  • The best settings to use for wildlife
  • And so much more!

Tour Information: 

Six hours total  |  $145/person

Hiking: from no hiking to 1 mile

What’s included: Water, snacks, and private transportation.

Ages: 10+

For our Half-Day Elk & Waterfall Photo Tour we try to pack a lot in! We’ll visit a waterfall or two, and then go photograph the elk in Cataloochee Valley / Great Smoky Mountain National Park!

Driving: Six-hour tour.

Hiking: options that include no hiking to 1 mile or less.

Pickup: We are happy to pick you up from your location and return you at the conclusion of your tour. Please check Pickup during checkout if you’d like us to pick you up! We will call you the morning of our tour together to iron out the exact details! For COVID-related safety concerns, we can also caravan if you prefer.